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Increase Your Conversion Rate Instantly!

Increase Your Conversion Rate Instantly!

Everyone loves when there is traffic on your website. But merely getting traffic is not enough, conversion is also important. If you want to increase your sales and conversation rate instantly then this blog would help you with the same.

So, the question that remains in our mind is how do we improve our conversions so we can get more customers with the traffic which we already have? Let us have a look.

1. Your website’s goal should be defined:

You need to ensure to set your website’s goals which you want to measure conversions and optimize for. Further, once you happen to create upon these kinds of goals then you should access these visitor behaviors against these prescribed goals.

2. Do A/B testing

If you want to increase your conversion rate instantly then testing is something that you need to do at the earliest.

Now, we need to know what A/B testing is. In simple terms, A/B testing is a technique for increasing your website’s conversion rate. For instance, let’s assume that you have two headlines for your page but you are quite confused as to which one you should incorporate then it is then that you need to use A/B testing.

3. Include social proof

Customer reviews are something that your users, especially your new users would read and that have a significant impact on the purchase. Therefore if you happen to include social proof on your website then it would lead to an increase in your conversion rate at a tremendous rate.

Along with reviews add testimonials to your website to make it more authentic and lead to a food factor and help in the decision-making of your customers.

4. Live chat option

Adding a live chat option would increase the chances of your customers’ retainment and become loyal customers at the end. It is possible that your customers might have a question or concern about your product or item, and giving them the option of live chat would make them raise their doubts and they can happen to decide then accordingly to go further with the purchase or not.

5. Make your website’s navigation simple

When the navigation process is simple and easy to use then your visitors would want to spend more time there and you can turn your customers into potential customers as well.

Try to make your navigation user-friendly in order to increase its usability and make it a frictionless experience for your customers thereby.

6. Add popups

Adding popups to your website is another way through which there can be an increase in your conversion rates.

For your customers you can make it easy for them to close the pop-ups, you can set a 30-second delay timer on the pop-up, set a cookie so the pop-up only appears once, and so on.

7. Money-back guarantee offer

Offering your customers a money-back guarantee offer would make your customers feel more safe and secure. Customers would feel more trustworthy and what else you want, trust of your customers is always your first priority.

8. Sales funnel

Setting up a sales funnel is another way by which there would be an increase in your conversion rate at an instant pace.

If the product or item on your website is found to be very much expensive then there are high chances that users and customers would take a lot of time in deciding whether to continue with the purchase or not. By providing a demo or a free trial instead of asking for signup or purchase can lead to significant improvement in conversions. But building trust can be done by building a sales funnel.

  • Trust is of utmost importance. People buy and come back to buy again if there is trust.
  • You can incorporate other ideas such as pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.

9. E-mail address

Try to offer a lead magnet to your customers. Promote your business, send your customers email, attract them, offer them free shipping, more discounts especially during peak seasons, remind them of the product that is left in their cart.

  • Engage your customers. Target them and convert them into potential customers.
  • Show them gratitude.
  • Send them a thank you card.
  • Offer a coupon or freebie on let’s say their first anniversary.

10. Shorten your forms

Try to make your forms very short and simple. Make a frictionless experience for your customers.

A long-form might make your visitors hesitant and turn away. Generating trust among your audience should be your priority. 

11. Address objections

It is a very common thing to observe that when thinking of purchasing a product or item, then your customers would have few objections or hesitations which might lead to friction.

When there is an in-person purchase you can remove any such queries, but it becomes a bit difficult when it comes to online shopping. For a frictionless experience you can happen to create a list of all the possible hesitations and objections your potential customers might have, followed by which then you can add info to your sales copy in order to remove all of their desired queries.

For instance, include questions such as Why should I believe you? For this, you can show your brand’s credentials and so on. 

12. Build trust

Build your website’s credibility by giving in testimonials, citations, and so on. Moreover, Post employee photos and bios so that people get to know how hardworking employees are there. Make it very easy to contact you by providing your contact number, address, and email address.

  • Often update your content on your website.
  • Avoid any kind of errors that might happen, no matter if it is even a basic spelling error.

13. Write strong CTA

You need to understand that it is your CTA which needs to be able to download an offer, be able to share a post on social media or endorse your email newsletter.

  • Always remember to include CTA on your website.
  • Along with this, you should be able to have access to the CTA no matter wherever you are.


Follow the above-mentioned strategies and look at how you would be able to strategically improve your conversion rates. Thereby reduce friction and optimize your conversion funnel and boost your conversion instantly.

We hope you liked our article. Feel free to contact us and give your suggestions or comments. Follow us on our social media page.

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