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WooCommerce Mailchimp Discount plugin is a great plugin with great features, Works really well and Easy to configure. I was looking for this plugin. Finally, I got it.

Thank you for the Great plugin 🙂 I highly recommended this plugin.

Robert Howes, Toffee Shop

Woo Mailchimp Discount plugin is really a great plugin. I have got many new customers by using this plugin. It really works out of the box.

WDevuser, UI Designer
Great discount plugin worth using it- Woo MailChimp Discount Plugin
Used this plugin and yeah it was worth using it. Does exactly what it is meant for completely hassle-free installation.
Would recommend to all.
Tyrion, Business Owner
Excellent MailChimp Discount plugin
This WooCommerce MailChimp Discount Plugin is Very good for the shop owner. It will help to increase your sales.
I am a dress shop owner and by using this increase my sale a lot. It attract a lot of new customer to me.
Marsh, Business Owner