We are no longer maintaining our plugins hence new purchases are no longer allowed.


Customers are always our first priority and the very reason for our constant effort to provide them with our best and latest products. The satisfaction of customers is our due responsibility. However, sometimes things do tend to go south.

So, in case you are not content with any of our products, then you are always welcome to request a refund. Before heading on the course of refund plea, do let us know the issues you are facing with the concerned product. We will get back to you and promptly look into the matter.

To make things super convenient for our customers, ZetaMatic offers a flexible 7 day refund policy for all products purchased through and paid for on ZetaMatic.com. You can contact us with the purchase and payment transaction email of the respective product you bought. Also, you may use our contact form to reach out to us with your refund query. Before any refund is granted we ask that you attempt to reproduce the issue on a clean installation of the corresponding Software which runs our product.

In your query kindly be specific about the complications you are facing with the product. Clarify in detail why you are not happy with our product. Your questions will be greeted and answered promptly by our support team.

Kindly note that we will not entertain any refund requests after the time limit of 7 days from the date of first purchase of the product.

Refunds for Services

Apart from our product if you have purchased any extra services (maintenance, modification requests, etc) and you’re not satisfied with that, then you have the very right to ask for a refund. However, we would be interested to know what went wrong with our services. So, you can contact us with your queries. We will try our level best to fix the issues for you. However, we always respect our customer’s decision and will promptly process a refund request at our sole circumspection of the issue.

Charge Back Request

We request that before initiating a chargeback request to your bank, kindly request us a refund and explain the issues you’re facing with the product. Otherwise, we reserve the right to dispute chargebacks to avoid incidents of fraudulent chargeback requests and in case the license holder did not initiate a refund request or is unavailable for any communication.