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Simple Methods to Boost Checkout Conversion Rates

Simple Methods to Boost Checkout Conversion Rates

A user looks at your e-commerce website, selects a product of his choice and then places it in their cart. But it is possible that he/she won’t complete his purchase. According to a study conducted by Baymard Institute across industries the average cart abandonment is up to 70% which means that if 100 people put their products in their carts, it is just 30 who end up buying them.

So, to ensure that the user carries with the purchase, it is very important to make the checkout process as effective and efficient as possible. When it comes to generating revenue for business checkout pages are of utmost importance.

Here, we would be looking at some simple methods which can be incorporated in order to boost checkout conversion rates

Why do customers abandon carts?

abandon carts

It is essential to see as to what makes the customers abandon their respective shopping carts.

  1. Price: Most customers abandon their carts because they find the price to be higher than what they had expected.
  2. Create account: In most of the cases, the customers are made to create an account in order to purchase any item or product.
  3. No free shipping: Many customers don’t end up purchasing since they don’t qualify for free shipping due to small orders.
  4. Payment issues: Lack of payment methods is one of the reasons that makes the customers abandon their carts.

Methods to Boost Checkout Conversion Rates:

conversion rates

1) Design and layout:

You can show a detailed image or a video of the products available so that the customers have a deep knowledge of what they are getting.

  • Make it possible to make your forms quick and easy to fill.

2) Single page checkout process

A single page checkout process is shorter and requires fewer clicks with a high chance of customer’s completing their purchases which would eventually lead to better conversion rates.

3) Get rid of mandatory registration

Don’t force a sign up on the checkout page. Guest checkout can be done. You can also provide the customer with the option of creating an account after checking out.

4) Focus on free shipping, free and easy return, and free exchange:

  •  Free shipping is an absolute must.

Easy process to return the products gives customers the assurance that they can take return if they wish to.

5) Secure payment options:

There is a high chance that customers would complete their purchase if their payment method is safe and secure. Flexibility with payment options can also boost your conversion rates. By offering options like payment after delivery, digit wallet and so on. Apart from this, displaying trust badges on your checkout page also is another way to alleviate security concerns.

6) Optimize your checkout page

  • A highly responsive and optimized shopping cart page is very important.

When a customer adds a product, then few recommendations to complete the look pops up which increases the chances of order value.

7) Bring back customers with targeting

With smart advertising you can track customer’s data and their browsing behaviour to identify non purchasing visitors. With this then you can target specific customers. Targeting customers through E-mail marketing campaigns can also be done.

8) Add you contact number

Many customers have a lot of questions to ask when it comes to shipping or return policies. Answering their set of varied questions thereby becomes very important.

  • Display your contact number on the checkout page: give your customers easy way to contact you

9) Make CTA’s visible to your customers

CTAs include buttons such as Add to Cart, Continue to Checkout, Buy Now, Finish Purchase, and so on. Make your CTA’s big so that customers who are using small screens also are able to easily click them.

What you should do right now?

Boosting your checkout conversion rates is not a difficult task once you know what are the various reasons that make people abandon their carts.

By keeping all these tips mentioned above, you would be able to easily improve your ecommerce checkout conversion rates.

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