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Ways to Drive Conversions and Increase Revenue at Checkout

Ways to Drive Conversions and Increase Revenue at Checkout

With all the valuable marketing, asset management, and employees or staff brought to business without a proper and optimal checkout process, sales cannot cross the finish line. It is very surprising to see that there exists a high number of online shoppers or customers who abandon their carts on the checkout page.

  • Take a multi-faceted approach and maximize conversion rates on your checkout page.

Let us look at ways through which one can drive conversions and thereby increase revenue at checkout.

  1. Offer one-click checkout
  2. Optimize the mobile shopping experience
  3. Buy now, pay later option can be incorporated
  4. Providing subscriptions
  5. Increase trust and security
  6. Use great product photos
  7. Live chat button
  8. Retargeting
  9. Various add-ons

1. Offering one-click checkout

By offering a one-click checkout process a lot of time is left for the user. Removal of unnecessary steps should also be made a priority.

  • Reduce fields that you don’t need.

2. Optimize the mobile shopping experience for conversions

The question that comes is what can be done to improve the mobile shopping experience.

You can increase revenue at the checkout by offering customers various multiple payment options. Minimize ads, graphic contents, and plugins so that load times get improved. Speed up the checkout process with PayPal, because it can auto-fill address and payment information, which is often a hassle on mobile.

3. Buy now, pay later

Customers want more and more options. Budget is a very important factor that every customer takes into consideration. Offering them the option to buy now and pay later could be one of the greatest ways to deliver flexibility to customers at the same time increase revenue at checkout.

  • Offer interest-free payment options

4. Subscriptions

One of the ways to Drive Conversions and Increase Revenue at Checkout could be by providing up various membership offers and subscription policies to customers. Moreover, you can easily set this up with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

5.  Increase trust and security

Payment information security is very important when considering when customers pay for online purchases. Trust seals, badges, return policies, guarantees, etc. provide customers with more trust and security when doing any kind of online purchase.

  • The words chosen should be done with utmost care. For instance, “Secure checkout” is better than just “checkout”.

6. Use great product photos

Customers rely heavily on website photos when they are buying products.

  • Ensure to keep the photos real along with being enticing.

7. Add live chat option

Adding the option of live chat is a very important feature for customers. It’s the most convenient way for users to contact you. When any particular customer has any sort of inquiry to make or having problems with the checkout page then the access to customer support which is immediately accessible will help you make the sale.

8. Use retargeting

Targeting utilizes cookies saved on a user’s computer when they visit your site. Cookies can also be sent via email. In addition, the most effective ad banners show the specific product that the shopper was looking at in your website, buyer reviews, and other suggested products.

9. Add-Ons

  • When you provide an offer high chances are that the customers would take advantage of it.

Moreover, providing customers with special shipping offers, product Add- ons, and product recommendations on the checkout page is one of the great ways to increase the order.

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