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7 Best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress

Looking for the best WordPress Testimonial Plugins? If you are selling products or services, Testimonials is one of the key features of your site, because it helps others to learn more about your offerings and to take action quickly.

Testimonials help to establish credibility. This is because it comes from users who have already used your products and services and are unbiased.

While searching for testimonial plugins, look for features that you can add photos or videos to, you can display testimonials in grid view, carousel, and with beautiful layouts.

WordPress repository offers many testimonial plugins that complicate the process of choosing the best testimonial plugin for your site. To solve that I’ve prepared this list of the best WordPress testimonial plugins you can try.

1. Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials is an easy-to-use plugin for creating testimonials on your WordPress site. Using this plugin you can create and add testimonials to the sidebar, as widget, add to posts and pages using shortcode

In addition, the plugin offers various display types, you can show all the testimonials or show a random testimonial or display slideshow of testimonials on your site.

You can easily add pictures to the testimonials to make these more attractive. Easy Testimonials comes with over 25 themes from which you can choose the best one for your site. In addition, it uses schema.org compliant JSON-LD markup to show testimonials in the search results.

2. Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials is one of the best testimonials plugin for WordPress. No matter you are beginner or a professional, you can easily create and publish testimonials and reviews.

The plugin supports theme and you can also customize the background color, pictures and font-color. Some themes have light and dark mode options. In addition, using the custom CSS you can customize the fonts, margins and borders.

Moreover, it comes with various designs such as slider, lists to showcase testimonials. In addition, you can use shortcodes to display the testimonials wherever you want on your site. The plugin supports the WordPress embed feature for inserting testimonials from these YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

3. Testimonial – Best Testimonial Slider Plugin for WordPress

Testimonial – Best Testimonial Slider Plugin for WordPress

This is another popular testimonial plugin on our list. It comes with many ways to display testimonials on your website. The testimonials are responsive and using the shortcode you can display these on sidebars, or any pages or posts.

Testimonial plugin offers loads of features to effectively use the power of testimonials and get the best results on your website. The testimonials are mobile friendly and responsive, and there is no limit on the number of testimonials you can put on your website.

For testimonials, you can set how many testimonials you want to show, you can turn on/off the autoplay, control autoplay speed, show/hide section title, reviewer name, star rating, testimonial title and more settings to play with. With the free version you get only slider and Carousel with Multiple Columns testimonials options. For more display and settings options you can upgrade to the pro version.

4. WP Testimonials with rotator widget

WP Testimonials with rotator widget

WP Testimonials with rotor widget is another useful plugin for creating attractive testimonials. It supports Gutenberg which means users can easily create testimonials from the Gutenberg builder.

Creating testimonials are very easy, you can add title, testimonial content, job title, company, website url and image. In addition, using Shortcodes you can add testimonials to posts, pages. Moeorver, you can customize the testimonials height, width, colors, image size and slider speed and more.

5. Quick and Easy Testimonials

Quick and Easy Testimonials

As the name suggests, Quick and Easy Testimonials is another simple plugin for creating testimonials on your WordPress site. Plugin allows to show testimonials in simple and center aligned style.

The testimonial’s texts and links styles are inherited from the current theme on the site. The plugin is translation ready, supports shortcodes, RTL.

6. Testimonials


Testimonials is a easy to use plugin to create testimonials on your website. Using the shortcodes you can add the testimonials to the sidebar, widget. The testimonials are mobile friendly and responsive. And you can create unlimited testimonials.

Moreover, it comes with 4 different testimonials themes. And supports many different fields such as name, position, company name, company url, link target, testimonial rating, picture and description.

7. Testimonial WordPress Plugin – AP Custom Testimonial

Testimonial WordPress Plugin – AP Custom Testimonial

AP Custom Testimonial is another testimonial plugin that is easy and responsive. Moreover, using the shortcode, you can post the testimonial anywhere on your website you want. You get 5 pre-built templates to choose from your testimonials.

You can customize the look of your testimonials using custom CSS. In addition, the plugin is simple to setup and use.


We have come to the end of the post, where we find out 7 best WordPress testimonial plugins for your site. Also, please tell us which plugin you liked more and want to give a try.

I hope you find this post useful, if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us on Facebook or Twitter. Also, follow us on those channels and stay tuned for more exciting and useful contents. In addition, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for plugin tutorial and guide videos.

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