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Grow Your Sales During This Holiday Season

Grow Your Sales During This Holiday Season

COVID-19 has changed the way people used to shop on holidays. Now that the virus is still present, people are turning more to online shopping than to visiting stores to avoid contact with the virus.

In addition, consumers are actively looking for new products and services that either help them meet the specific requirements of COVID-19 or replace suppliers that closed during the pandemic.

E-commerce has also become more and more accessible than ever, indicating that e-commerce companies have the best opportunity to grow. And with the holiday season coming marketers and owners of e-commerce can expect more conversions.

If you have an online store or are looking to start one, ZetaMatic can help you with the right marketing plugins to increase your sales. So, without wasting any moment let’s check out how you can increase your sales or conversions.

Define your Business Goals

For the holiday season before working on promoting your website. You need to have a business strategy in place. Business objectives may vary from company to company. A B2B company will have a different strategy then a B2C company.

And because of this, you’re going to have to think carefully about the product or service you want to provide, the platform you’re going to use, your customers, the tools you need, the types of content that can best describe your products and services before you make a business plan.

Once all the information is in place, you can successfully create a plan that can help you grow your business.

Prepare Your Website

You and your website should be well prepared always for any sales or during normal. It should look and reflect the occasion you are going host.

Products availability

If you are specially dealing with the physical products, you need to be well aware of the stocks of your products. Also, you need to find out the popular and best selling products and keep those in stocks before the start of any the holiday season or any offers.

With e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify you will get all the details of your inventory. So, you can manage all the products you need. Check which products are selling well. What are the current quantity for the products and more.


Tools can add extra features on your website. Find out the tools that you can add to your store. As it can help boosting the look and feel as well.

Use the tools such as holiday themed email popup, offer timer, product recommendations etc. to increase the sales of your products. Make sure to balance the tools you are using on your website. As these can slow down your website. And also can annoy the visitor.

Promotional Contents

Your web site is your store. You can’t decorate your website like you do in your physical store, but you can use banners and valrious tools to make your website look appealing. You can prepare attractive and pleasing display banners, social media posts, using tools such as Canva, WP Paint Pro.

This will make the website look interesting and the users are more likely to buy from your store. But, as I mentioned before, don’t overdo this, as it can slow down your website, and the user experience will suffer. And hence the sales will also suffer.


Complete the orders and try to deliver them quickly to the customers. So they can enjoy it during the holidays. Moreover, if they don’t like the product or want to exchange it, they can do it before the holiday season starts.

Delivery of the products before time can have a good impact on them, and they will choose you for their upcoming purchases because of this reason. And it can increase your website sales in the future.

Choose the Medium to Market Your Products

After creating your business plan, now that you know your customers. You can choose the methods to reach out to them.

Marketing Through Social Media

Social media is an affordable and efficient medium to reach out to your potential customers. In addition, the advantages of online marketing are well known to most people. You can target your audience and people who are likely to see and engage with your products.

If you are selling directly to your customers, you can choose between Facebook , Instagram , Pinterest, Google Advertising options. These are the best means of making brand awareness, of generating traffic and running conversion ads.

And if your customers are business people, you can use the LinkedIn and Twitter marketing platforms that bring these kinds of people together.

You can track your marketing performance through advertising insights and Google Analytics. And based on how your ads work, you can optimise your ads, text copies, landing pages, etc.

Email Marketing

After generating traffic through marketing efforts, its time to convert them. Some visitors are already interested in your products that they can directly make the purchase and can become customers.

And for some visitors you need to put some extra efforts before making them buy your products or services. So, in that cases you can use your newsletters, ebooks, discount coupons in exchange of their emails. So that you can contact them later in case they didn’t make any purchase at that time.

With our WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter Discount plugin, you can create pop-up forms that can work as a regular newsletter form And also as a discount form. Once the user signs up, it collects visitors emails and syncs them with MailChimp. And you can send campaigns to those emails from MailChimp.

You can use it as a discount pop up form for discount lovers. When a visitor signs up for your discount form, the discount coupon will automatically be sent to the subscriber’s email address. It increases the chances of converting a subscriber to a customer.

With the plugin, you can customise your look and feel that it matches the theme of your website. You can also customise the email subject, the text contents of the email, to make it fit for the occasion. Customization options will help to boost engagement.

I hope you can find it useful. If it helps please share it with your friends. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for our plugin setup and tutorial guides. You can contact us on Facebook and Twitter if you have any questions.

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