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blog post, Favorite 20 Ways Of Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas

Favorite 20 Ways Of Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas

Having trouble coming up with blog post ideas? This post will teach you the Top 20 Ways to Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas.

1. Find out what readers want

Start asking questions to your customers as to what they require help with. The simple and easiest thing to do is to ask your customers direct questions. Ask them what kind of help they need, if they do so. Do this whenever you interact with your customers be it in emails, on social media, through blog comments, and so on.

Sending an email campaign is another way that you can incorporate in order to brainstorm blog post ideas. Connect your blog to the e-mail list and send your readers an e-mail, you can do the same by welcome email as well.

2. Talk to your sales team for blog post

Talk to your sales team and see what kind of questions they are always getting. Work accordingly and then find what kind of questions are being asked by your existing and potential customers. 

3. Quora for Blog Post Ideas

It is at quora that we find people asking as well as happen to answer questions. If you need new blog post ideas, then go through them and look at their questions and answers that could help your audience.

4. Finding out what your audience is doing right now

Finding out what your audience is doing right now is another great way of brainstorming blog post ideas. Try to form an open dialogue with your readers.

5. Use a blog topic

There are several places online which can help you produce ideas automatically. Simply you have to enter different keywords and then these automated tools would do their work.

6. Keyword research

Keywords are something that makes a perfect brainstorming tool. Try and discover new keywords on a regular basis.

7. Ask peers a question

Ask peers questions and find out the best result. 

8. Blog comments

Take a look at the comments of the blog. Look at every single comment and turn it into a question or topic to write about on your blog.

9. Keep an eye out on your competitors

Take a thorough look at what your competitors are doing with their own content. You can then accordingly happen to generate some new ideas of your own. But never forget that your content has to be unique.

10. Review Your Existing Content

Reviewing your existing content is of utmost importance. Your current content blog posts will inspire you with new fresh brainstorming ideas.

11. Reflect on what went wrong

Another really, really great way of brainstorming blog post ideas is by reflecting on what went wrong. Get personal and share your experiences of the same. Further, your sharing experiences is to share behind-the-scenes information. Share as to what is the secret of your team to prove your worth. 

12. Interview your coworkers

Publish actual interviews with your coworkers, or use their advice to come up with ideas and feature them in your posts.

13. Write up a list of questions

Make sure you write down questions about your industry. Write down numerous questions, whatsoever kind of questions you have in your mind. You need to question each and every single thing. Further with these sets of questions, you can get to have new blog post ideas, thereby which would lead to engaging your audience and showing a lot of interest to your readers.

14. Book reading

Read a great book that has tons of information and studies which are conducted in the same way. This will help you and lead to brainstorming new blog post ideas.

15. Collect facts or statistics

People love data and data always is there. It might be replaced with the new ones but it never vanishes. Curated posts of statistics around the same trends or audience can help readers draw conclusions and notice new patterns. Keep on updating regularly and make it up to date. 

Another way of brainstorming blog post ideas is by looking for trends and patterns. This will make you in touch with your audience and most importantly as to what your audience is demanding of you.

17. Look at online discussions 

People post there when they’ve accomplished something big, are stuck on something small. Look and keenly observe all of this and work accordingly. 

18. Freewriting

Freewriting is the basis of several brainstorming approaches. Just keep on writing whatever you have in your mind, without any stop. Do not make any edits or changes in between and see the result in the end. 

19. Take notes as you write

Always try and make a note of what you write. Later what you can do is to make a new blog post idea from that written piece of yours. Isn’t it great? 

20. Conduct a survey

You can happen to conduct a survey by sending a more formal survey to your entire email list or you can do a simple version of it as well. Post one question at a time on your social media accounts and see yourself as to what your readers want. Then, work accordingly for your blog post idea. 


Put the above-mentioned ways of brainstorming blog post ideas and tips to work, start writing and engage your audience to the maximum potential.

Start working on it yourself. For any suggestions or comments feel free to reach us. Follow us on our social media page and stay updated with the latest information.

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