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Best Email Marketing Practices to Increase E-Commerce Sales

Best Email Marketing Practices to Increase E-Commerce Sales

If you had asked me what the best moment to start an e-commerce business was, I would have told you right now.

The world is becoming more digital, and internet enterprises are becoming increasingly popular. In every sense, today is a great time to start your online business. You may quickly expand your perspective to attract more customers and enhance conversions using the resources at your disposal.

The first two considerations for starting an e-commerce business are selecting a good web host and creating a visually appealing store. The first can be accomplished with a little research, while the latter can be accomplished with the assistance of a good e-commerce website builder.

So, now that you’ve established your online store, it’s time to attract customers and make sales. There are a variety of ways to do this, but email marketing is the most efficient.

In this post, we will look at genuine Email Marketing Tactics that can help your e-commerce business grow.

Let’s get started…

Send Customized Emails

By personalizing your emails, you create a connection between your company and the customer. Instead of simply addressing them as “Dear Recipient” or “Dear Customer,” use their first name.

You can also change the subject line. Try to include their name in the subject, as well as some good keywords like “winner,” “bonus,” or the ultimate weapon – “free.” All of these changes will almost certainly increase email opening rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Promotional Deals

We have seen time and again that when there is a promotion or discount, sales increase. Use this mentality in your customers to your advantage and begin sending out promotional emails.

These emails will typically include discount offers, coupon codes, offers for referring a friend, and notifications when new products arrive at your store. Moreover, you can use the WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter Discount plugin to offer various discounts to your customers.

Make use of Email Series

Sending a series of emails to a customer dedicated to a specific line of action is what we mean by series. Consider a new customer signing up on your website. Begin a welcome series of emails with a thank you message and make them feel like they are a part of a large community. Then you can begin sending emails about the various types of products you have and other information about your e-store.

After purchase, you can also begin a series of emails. Begin with an email of order confirmation. Then notify them of the shipping details, ask for reviews, discount offers, similar products, and so on.

Make use of Audience Segmentation

It is always preferable to be specific rather than general. You can target groups of customers based on their pain points by segmenting the audience.

Create segments based on your age, location, previous purchases, and any other information you’ve gathered.

Send Abandonment Cart Emails

Users may forget about all of the items in their shopping carts at times. Do not allow this to happen. There is a possibility of a sale. Send emails about all of the items they have left in their shopping cart, and you might just get some sales. To increase sales, you can even offer a discount or a coupon at the time of purchase.

Emails containing Wishlists

This is similar to Abandoned Carts. People add items to their wish lists and then forget about them. Remind them about a product that they actually want, and you will have a better chance of getting a sale.

Recommend Products through Emails to upsell

Someone purchases a cell phone from your website. You can be confident that this is a legitimate customer to pursue additional mobile phone accessories. Target him/her with products that are “frequently purchased together” with previous purchases. You can also show off some similar products or suggest upgrades to previous purchases.

Send Gift Suggestions

We’ve all been in situations where we didn’t know what to get our closest friends and relatives. So, if the holiday season is approaching, make sure to activate your email marketing campaign with some product ideas that will make excellent gifts.

Send Loyalty Emails

People who buy from your e-store frequently contribute to your success. Reward them to make them feel valued. Not only will this increase their chances of sticking with your service, but it will also entice others to make more purchases on your site in order to become a member of the club.

These incentives can take the form of gifts or, more conventionally, redeemable points for future purchases. However, if you truly want to please your customers while increasing sales, simply provide them with an exclusive cashback offer. It works perfectly!

Email Transactional Messages

Transactional emails are those that you send to your customers after they have placed or canceled orders. This section isn’t here to tell you that these types of emails are important; they are, and you should always provide confirmation emails for all of your customers’ transactional activities in your store.

However, we are here to emphasize that these transactional emails do not have to be purely informational. You can, in fact, include some products and other details to further engage the person. Send a transactional email with a list of similar products, for example, in the event of order cancellation.


I hope you enjoyed the top emailing strategies for growing your online business. Let us know how your campaigns went, and please leave any additional tips and tactics you know about in the comments section. Your readers will appreciate your contribution.

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