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9 Best WooCommerce Checkout Address Autofill Plugins for Store Owners

By automatically filling in address details during checkout, the Address Autofill plugin saves your customers valuable time. It can quickly fill in customer addresses and reduce the number of orders that are left incomplete.

It uses a variety of methods to fill in the addresses, including an autocomplete field, a location picker, and the current location. This application makes use of the Google Address Autocomplete API.

These plugins fill out the customer’s address details in the provided fields whenever they enter the address information on the checkout form. This not only saves customers time but also boosts sales in your store.

9 Best WooCommerce Checkout Address Autofill plugins

1. Checkout Address Autofill for WooCommerce


Checkout Address AutoFill For WooCommerce is a WooCommerce add-on that allows the user to autofill both the shipping and billing addresses on the checkout page, resulting in a much faster filling of the address fields. This is accomplished by utilizing the Google address autocomplete API.

Its simplicity in design and function, number of unique features, and versatility are the reasons more and more people are turning to use it even more.

It allows you to enable users’ current location for both Shipping/Billing addresses. It has features such as managing Autocomplete Field placement, enabling autofill Phone Number, Company name, and more.

Further, with Checkout Address AutoFill For WooCommerce, you can save Geolocation (Latitude and Longitude) of the Billing and Shipping addresses.

It also had a Google Autofill feature that allows for complete autocomplete form mapping for shipping and billing address fields. By using such features, you can map multiple fields to a single field.

Moreover, the feature of location Picker Zoom – The Admin or owner can adjust and have control over the location picker zoom size from the plugin’s Settings page makes it an added feature to it.

Now get Compound Code and Global Code in the Checkout Page Location Picker for any location. It has powerful shipping methods.

Useful when you are using WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping. Easily calculate shipping costs based on the actual distance of your customers accurately.

2. WooCommerce AutoComplete Checkout Address

If you find an address in google then you can do so with WooCommerce autocomplete checkout address plugin with ease.

It is found to be very much compatible with all the versions of WooCommerce. It saves customers time and energy a lot by having the feature of auto filing for the state, city, and postal code for selected addresses.

This is done through the feature by using Google Map Address Autocomplete API key.

3. WooCommerce Address Autofill

With the WooCommerce Address Autofill plugin, you can help to save a lot of your time for your customers since it automatically fills the address details during the time of checkout.

It auto-fills both shipping as well as billing address fields on the checkout page. WooCommerce Address Autofill is very simple and has an easy configuration that is installed. It is found to be an intelligent and easy-to-use extension that syncs your store with Google Maps location detector.

WooCommerce Address Autofill comes loaded with various features such as using Google API for auto-filling customer addresses. It displays the location on Google maps on the checkout page and has in itself multiple Google map themes for store owners which makes it to be one of the best plugins to be loved by them.

4. WooCommerce Checkout Manager


If you want to customize your checkout process, then you can easily do it with WooCommerce Checkout Manager. You have the option of personalizing as many as 15 different types of fields to customize the checkout page. Add, remove, rearrange as well as, according to your needs.

Further, it can add new fields in the Billing, Shipping, and Additional fields sections. The plugin provides various tools which are used to improve shoppers’ buying experience as such by allowing them to upload files during the checkout process.

5. Checkout Field Editor by WooCommerce

It is one of the best WooCommerce checkout field editor plugins. It comes with features such as adding, editing and removing fields on the checkout page.

Store owners can find all the information they need to set up the plugin with well-written text and example images, making it one of the best and recommended plugins to be used.

6. Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce


Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce comes loaded with various features such as which do not require any coding skills.

With Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce, you have the opportunity to take full control of your WordPress editing screen & can even happen to further customize data fields.

Customers can easily happen to change the checkout fields along with managing multiple custom fields.

You can add the fields from anywhere without any problems and can even be added all over WP which includes posts, users, taxonomy terms, media, comments, and even custom options pages. Isn’t it such a great plugin?

7. Direct Checkout for WooCommerce


With the Direct Checkout for WooCommerce plugin customers have the option of skipping the shopping cart page, thereby directly landing up to the checkout page. With this, you can simplify the checkout process, reduce cart abandonments, remove checkout fields.

Further, The “Add to cart” button is added to each product which happens to redirect customers directly to the checkout page. This would lead to shop much more and quickly, thereby leading to increased sales.

8. Postcode/Address Validation plugin

address autofill, Add addresses verification, autocomplete, and postcode lookup at checkout

Postcode/Address Validation plugin uses SmartyStreets API for address verification. You need to sign up for an account of the service which you would want to use. Further, with this plugin, you can classify the address as residential or commercial type.

It helps you to save your time and money as well. Improve your customer happiness with the Address Validation plugin and make them feel content.

9. ClickToAddress Auto-Complete

address autofill

ClickToAddress Auto-Complete is free and easy to download. It allows the user to enter the address manually or can even switch to find the address using the feature of autocomplete on the checkout page.

It is a very fast and easier procedure as a customer doesn’t happen to type out their full address. Further. at the point of entry, all the addresses are verified which helps in the reduction of any incomplete or incorrect address.


The above-mentioned WooCommerce checkout address autofill is the best for store owners and if you have a WooCommerce store. Your many problems would be solved by using these plugins.

By using these plugins it will help you in finding the correct location as well as in finding the address to be as residential or to be as commercial type.

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