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5 Best WordPress Coupon Themes for Use as Website Discount Codes

5 Best WordPress Coupon Themes for Use as Website Discount Codes

Are you looking to promote sales on your WordPress eCommerce store during big holidays? Coupons and Discounts are the best way to attract new customers as well as loyal customers to buy more products. To add coupons easily you can install the WordPress Coupon Plugin. Unsurprisingly, this type of Website is easy to build, low cost, less expensive to build content & an important opportunity to bring big profits.

However, in order to optimize profitability and easy development in the future, you need to know how to present incentives and stimulate users to buy through your links.

To do this you need to equip the interface of your discount code website that is very eye-catching, professional & makes it easy to manage thousands of coupons from many different suppliers. So, if you are looking for a Simple WordPress theme as a discount website, then in this article we will provide you with some of the best Coupon Theme to help you develop your deal category.

Also, check out the best and most popular free ecommerce plugins for WordPress to help you open you online store and help you monetize on your website or blog.

What is the best WordPress Coupon Theme needs to ensure?

Currently, on the market, there are countless Coupon Themes serving the purpose of providing discount codes. But unfortunately to respond well for experience as well as increasing the conversion rate is not much.

There are some themes that leave a bad impression because of a less-than-professional & outdated interface. Some have too many unnecessary redundant features that make it difficult to manage & load pages slowly. On the contrary, there are themes that lack specialized features. So below are the necessary criteria for the Coupon Theme, it will help you operate the best
discount website Website.

1. A dedicated interface for the coupon offer

Unlike many types of websites such as personal blogs, news, or business websites, they all focus on content. But with Website discount code after all it is only aimed at the need to receive discount code – preferential treatment of users.

So you need the interface that presents the most deals & code to the visitors. They themselves are Online shoppers, so the more offers you present, the better your chances of buying a link. You are not good at code knowledge, but want to build a website or professional interface for the coupon offer. Fear not, find the best WordPress theme websites and coupons to deal with your problem by WordPress Themes is one of the most important factors determining the face and success of your online marketing.

In addition, you can use the WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter Discount plugin to offer discount coupons automatically to your website visitors once they signup for your newsletter. In this way, you can also increase your subscribers as well as sales for your website.

2. The search bar or filter is always needed

Although many types of the Website Search bar is sometimes redundant because few people use it. If you do not believe, remember to see how many times you have visited a Website & entered keywords in the search box.

Certainly not or a few times, right?

However, with the Coupon Website type, visitors will often use the search bar or filter to find discount codes or offers related to a product or field they are interested in. Therefore, it can be said that the search feature is very important for a website specializing in providing discount codes.

3. Coupon & Deal management feature

When you do affiliate marketing by offering incentives you will join many marketing programs (Affiliate Program) or affiliate marketing network (Affiliate Network).

Therefore, the coupons are quite complex in terms of the number of suppliers, product catalogs, incentive time, expiration time, … Without the specialized management feature, you will be very tired of managing. You don’t know which offers are still available, which can sometimes be frustrating if your coupon can’t be used.

4. Coupon Code hidden feature

This feature is extremely important to me personally, especially in the days when Internet users become increasingly intelligent.

For some users when looking for coupon codes to pay they won’t click on your affiliate marketing link. Instead, they go directly to the main provider, after they go to the payment page, they find an external discount code to paste in. This way you will not receive a commission because they do not click on your link.

However, when there is a hidden coupon feature, to get the coupon code, the user needs to click on an existing code button. After pressing the button, your affiliate marketing link will be activated & new code will appear.

So where the user is so cunning, want to get the code, they have to buy through your money link. So you understand why the hidden feature is important, right?

5. Fast loading page speed

Page loading speed is always a leading factor to decide the success of a Website. Especially with Website Coupon, the experience element is very important.

No one wants to get a discount code but it waits for it to load before the page finishes. They are urgently buying products & just want to get the code to pay immediately. So you should equip Website Coupon so it reaches download speed as fast as possible.

List of the best WordPress Coupon Theme

Coupon Theme is available for you with 5 demo templates with different colors & designs, if you are not familiar with the code you just need to enter these templates with a few mouse clicks & start making money immediately.

1. Coupon WP

Coupon WP is a product from FameThemes provider, although not so famous as I appreciate the care of the design department for this theme.

It aims to simplify & retain the professionalism of a discounted Website. You will meet sliders for the hottest products & outstanding vendors.

There are also tabs for sorting discount codes according to the latest, most popular, ending soon. Thanks to this, you can save the presentation space and make it easier for users to navigate.

2. CouponXL

This theme has a modern style with modern designs and is easy on the eyes. It includes coupon field sorting tabs, featured product sliders & a custom display in the form of a grid or a list, in particular, CouponXL also has a membership management system that will help you build a loyal customer as well as increase sales on your Website.

CouponXL also displays the discounted price compared to the actual price to help users know the benefits they receive and make it easier to make a purchase decision. help new customers know the quality & status of the Coupon or Deal you offer.

3. Social offers and coupons

Want to offer other coupons and downloads as a reward for social actions?

This is a very useful digital download & social offers plugin that is popular on the market today. It is capable of providing incentives like PDF’s, music, templates, coupons, or files as rewards for social actions.

This plugin will be easily customized with the covers, text, and suggestions you want. The only thing you need to do is copy a small piece of code into your website or use one of the third-party Integration.

If you use an e-commerce system such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, or Squarespace, you can give customers instant coupons for their likes or Twitter. It’s a great way to both boost sales and promotes stores at the same time.

4. YITH Woocommerce gift cards

To attract consumers to your e-commerce store, especially during the holiday season, you can allow customers to buy products and also give them gift cards instead of items. regular gifts.

By using an attractive coupon with a countdown timer until the end of the promotion period for WooCommerce stores on the website, this is the easiest and most direct way to increase sales. You can set the amount you want to use for each Gift Card and email the gift card code once the order has been completed.

There are also many cases where customers return coupons and gift cards to friends or relatives, instead of buying them a Christmas gift they don’t like.

This is a complete blessing for e-commerce stores. By giving customers the gifts they are fortunate to receive to others, you will have the opportunity to promote your product to more people. And if these people like the products you offer, it is clear that the sale will be increasingly favorable.

5. YITH Woocommerce share for Discounts

YITH WooCommerce Share For Discounts plugin has the ability to incorporate social sharing into your customer coupons. It allows you to reward users when they share the products they intend to buy.

Once customers share the product, in return, they will receive a discount code. This means they can use them for the next purchase to receive great discounts. This plugin not only helps increase the sales rate but also helps you bring satisfaction to consumers.

Hopefully, this article has partly helped you know how to build a discount code website to make affiliate marketing in the US in 2020. Creating a website is easy, signing up for affiliate marketing programs and getting discount codes, promotions are not too difficult. Your job is to focus on building your own strategy to attract users, build trust, thereby increasing sales and increasing conversion rates. Even if the website is a discount code, you still need to have
valuable articles, not just an article sharing a short discount code.

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