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10 Best WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free Plugins 2021

10 Best WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free Plugins 2021

These days, having an online store can be extremely lucrative, but it’s also competitive. If you want to stand out from the competition, you’ll need some powerful tools on your side, like these 10 Best WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free Plugins of 2021.

With hundreds of plugins, you can take an ordinary WordPress site and turn it into an online store powerhouse without having to worry about custom coding or specialized knowledge.

These 10 best WooCommerce buy one get one free plugin of 2021 will help you grow your customer base and make money online today! Check them out today!

1. Coupon Codes Pro

This plugin allows you to create coupon codes. You can give them a name, an expiration date, and a price. You can also give them a tax option or limit how many times it can be used. It has an email notification that will be sent out to anyone who uses one of your coupons.

2. Discount Manager for WooCommerce

If you have a physical or digital product to sell, consider using Discount Manager for WooCommerce. Using your discounts effectively will entice buyers to buy from you. And show that you’re dedicated to providing a great experience for them.

This plugin lets you use coupons and restrict certain groups or users from taking advantage of them, too. If that sounds useful, check out Discount Manager for WooCommerce now—it’s free!

3. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules

This plugin allows you to set pricing rules based on customer groups, cart subtotal, product count, and/or category. For example, if your customers spend $200 or more they can get an extra 10% off. Or you can offer an incentive to buy one of a pair of products that’s on sale by giving discounts on other products in that same category.

  • You can easily configure different types of discounts on your online store.
  • It comes with a simple user interface.
  • You have the option of creating promotional offers.
  • You can even bulk edit your pricing rules.

4. The Dynamic Pricing Manager

The Dynamic Pricing Manager allows you to quickly create a product group and set its sale price. The great thing about it is that you can set a sale price for any quantity of products in just one simple step. You can also create product groups with completely custom pricing rules if needed.

5. WooCommerce Discount Rules

We all know how difficult it is to keep every customer happy, no matter what you are selling. Not everyone will be satisfied with your services or products, but luckily for us, WordPress plugin developer is always ready to help with their amazing tools.

Discount rules for WooCommerce allow you to manage discounts in a unique way, depending on who buys what and when. This tool helps you create an ideal customer experience while boosting your sales at the same time.

With discount rules in place, WordPress users have enjoyed being able to provide special deals for certain customers that meet certain conditions. What’s more, is that Discount Rules allow shops with different models to control discounts based on specific actions taken by buyers.

6. Discount Suite for WP

An excellent WordPress buy one get one free plugin that’s perfect for digital stores. What makes Discount Suite great is that it includes many important features for running a store, including automatic product discounting, wishlist support, and more.

This plugin lets you set up different discount rules according to various business strategies. This plugin further creates bulk discounts and customer role-based discounts along with offering you free gifts based on various conditions

7. Pricing Deals Pro for WooCommerce

If you’re looking for a feature-rich plugin that offers an extremely high number of customization options, look no further than Pricing Deals Pro for WooCommerce. Easily apply a percentage or flat discounts, and integrate with numerous payment gateways and shipping carriers for real-time shipping rates.

Allow customers to buy in bulk and receive a discount in return—all with no programming required! The wide variety of settings makes it easy to create one-time deals, customer loyalty programs, and even limited-time sales.

8. Flexible Pricing WooCommerce

This plugin lets you offer flexible pricing on your WooCommerce store. You can give an introductory discount, or even more complex pricing rules based on the number of items purchased or order value.

Flexible Pricing supports both percent discounts and fixed prices, making it an ideal tool for seasonal sale events. It’s very simple to set up and integrates with all standard payment gateways via API.

  • This plugin lets you create multiple types of BOGO discounts as per your strategy.
  • Easily configure different discount types in your store.
  • Set up discounts based on order totals, order history, etc.

9. Widget Title & Description Plugin

This plugin will add a coupon field to your product description, so customers can add an item to their cart and apply a coupon code. Additionally, when they add an item to their cart, they’ll see a brief description with an offer.

This plugin is very customizable and easy to set up. Also comes with plenty of features that allow you to control how many times a user can redeem an offer in a specific period.

10. Buy one Get one Free – Other similar BOGO WooCommerce discount rule maker

If you want to create a rule for your customers, who can purchase products from your shop with a fixed price and a fixed discount, then you should install it. With various configurations, BOGO will also satisfy all users. You can choose one or more versions that suit your needs. It is assumed that you will be satisfied after using it.


There are different ways to make your WordPress website more attractive and helpful for your customers. These plugins will help you offer your customers a special deal for buying one product and getting another free automatically.

Take a look at all the above-mentioned 10 best WooCommerce buy one get one free plugin and choose one that suits your business needs.

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