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Shopify, Secret Shopify Checkout Page Hack For 2021

Secret Shopify Checkout Page Hack For 2021

The Shopify page has very many restrictions, that is there are only limited ways that you can happen to make changes which can be done to the checkout pages. But there exist some secrets as well which we would be discussing in this article.

With Shopify, you do have the option to customize your cart page. Customization of the cart page can be done through the theme editor option which is available right away.

We do find that customers happen to abandon their carts and we do need to know how to reduce this cart abandonment and fix this problem. For this always remember that it is checkout optimization that plays a crucial role in the same.

  • Ensure to improve the design and layout of your cart and checkout process

Shopify security: Benefits

  • Fully supported and functional by mobile device.
  • Keep track of ecommerce platforms.
  • Lets you cross-sell as well as upsell.
  • Helps you in targeting and converting more customers.
  • Loading page is fast: Shopify provides a fast-loading page which means that you don’t have to spend minutes to load something. It also provides custom themes and templates of a wide variety to choose from.
  • Multiple payment ways: Shopify supports multiple payment gateways options such as regular credit card payments, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and so on. 
  • Customization: Shopify comes with itself the ability to customize easily according to the requirements and choice. It also doesn’t require any coding skills which makes it a good option to choose from.

Major challenges which come while maintaining a secure online store:

1. Security for Credit Card Processing

Shopify adheres to the highest standards of server compliance. Also, you cannot do a lot of modifications in the checkout.

2. Customer data

In order to have very safe and secure data of customers, Shopify takes up many security measures. It has a limitation on the number of login attempts which is made upon making it fully secure.

3. Fraud Protection

Shopify has the ability and inbuilt capacity to detect any kind of fraud that takes place. Before dispatching very thorough and close monitoring of orders is done. The simplest way of keen observation can lead to the avoidance of any kind of fraud.


Hack 1

Smart Shopify Homepage Design: Your customers firstly happen to see the homepage. It is very much required that your homepage is full of products and items which your customer would love to see. It needs to have best selling products, navigation buttons as a must.

Hack 2

Optimized Cart Page: Your cart page should include some copy that repeats the shortage and motivates the sudden completion of the sale.

Hack 3

Converting Product Page: The product page is the one where your customers and users might happen to make the final purchase of the product or item which they tend to like. Thereby on your Shopify, this is one of the most important pages. Try to include a few things in it such as Product Description visually that is with an image, timer which tells you that this much time is left to buy a product or make a sale.

Hack 4

Branded Checkout Page: Your checkout page should be on a white background. Ensure to include your store logo created using a logo maker, match the color with your background, and have a countdown timer on your checkout pages. All of these features are highly customizable on your Shopify page which can be done with utmost ease.

Hack 5

Use Trust Badges & Safe Checkout Icons: Adding trust badges on your website tells the new users who have joined they can buy from you. They would trust you if you showcase trust badges on your website.

Hack 6

Offer a first purchase discount: You need to make a frictionless experience for your customers along with making your users and customers get to know your product better and quickly. You can engage thoroughly your new users with video and by offering a discount on the first purchase.

Hack 7

Appeal to your right audience: Ensure to appeal to the right audience and highlighting the message is of utmost importance. Try to highlight the mission of your brand on your website’s homepage. This would make it visible to your audience and capture them to go to the checkout page.


Improve your conversion rate and increase your sales. Follow the above-mentioned Secret Shopify checkout page hacks and engage your audience to a large extent. We hope you liked our article.

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