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5 Top Tips for Ring Up E-Commerce Sales and Fast Checkout

5 Top Tips for Ring Up E-Commerce Sales and Fast Checkout

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, as to how much they are satisfied. A user looks at your e-commerce website, selects a product of his choice, and then places it in their cart. But it is possible that he/she won’t complete his purchase. 

According to a study conducted by Baymard Institute across industries, the average cart abandonment is up to 70% which means that if 100 people put their products in their carts, it is just 30 who end up buying them. Many reasons behind shopping cart abandonment such as payment failure, Internet issues, and many more.

Why do customers abandon carts that affect e-commerce sales?

Why do customers abandon carts_

It is essential to see what makes the customers abandon their respective shopping carts.

  • Price: Most customers abandon their carts because they find the price to be higher than what they had expected.
  • Create account: In most of the cases, the customers are made to create an account in order to purchase any item or product.
  • No free shipping: Many customers don’t end up purchasing since they don’t qualify for free shipping due to small orders.
  • Payment issues: Lack of payment methods is one of the reasons that makes the customers abandon their carts.

So, to ensure that the user carries with them the purchase, it is very important to optimize the checkout process as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

  • Make life convenient for your customers.
  • Make sure that your checkout process is easier.

Let us look at a few tips that would ring up sales efficiently and speed up the checkout process.

So, let’s get started!

1. Various payment methods to increase e-commerce sales

Various payment methods, e-commerce sales

Flexibility with payment options can boost your conversion rates and speed up your checkout process.

  • Create a seamless checkout experience for your customers.

You shouldn’t restrict the option of just card and cash, customers can also pay through virtual wallets and in-store fulfillment such as mobile pay, self-checkout, Buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS), Contactless readers, self-checkout, and so on.

Contactless payments are also considered a great and much faster option. coming to the store and picking up the order makes the checkout process to be reduced to a large extent.

Further, there is a high chance that customers would complete their purchase if their payment method is safe and secure. By displaying trust badges on your checkout page also is another way to alleviate security concerns.

2  Connection Speed

Connection Speed, e-commerce sales
  • Build upon your network connection strength
  • Faster checkout is as simple as faster internet

If you happen to invest in a high quality and hi-speed Wi-Fi connection then you would see for yourself the increase in transaction speed in whichever mode of payment you might be using, be it mobile devices, wireless terminals, or virtual wallets. 

3. Improve your POS to improve sales

Improve your POS to increase e-commerce sales
  • Improving your points of sale marketing is of utmost importance: upgrade to your POS technology. There would come a time when there would be an increase in the number of buyers and customers. You can offer small stuff or increase the impulse items.

For future use, you can do simple things like few POS options that can save customer data that would make up to speed up things during transactions. You wouldn’t be required to ask for various information which would speed up the checkout process eventually.

4. Use of Email for offers and various rewards

Use of Email for offers and various rewards
  • Increases your brand loyalty among the audience
  • Don’t make your customers wait up for the receipt to print out.

With smart advertising, you can track customer’s data and their browsing behavior to identify non-purchasing visitors. With this then you can target specific customers.

Targeting customers through E-mail marketing campaigns can also be done. It is seen that 70% of people take advantage of coupons or discounts promoted through email. 

You can use the WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter Discount Extended plugin to create appealing newsletter popups and forms. When a user subscribes to the newsletter, their email address is synced to MailChimp, and the subscriber receives an email with a discount code. This will help you grow your email list and boost your potential e-commerce sales.

Aside from that, email recipients can be added, which will increase your e-commerce sales and business.

5. Train Your Staff For Handling Queues 

Train Your Staff For Handling Queues
  • Customers would never like the idea that the staff is even ignoring them slightly. 

The staff needs to know how to handle the queues without making the customers irritated and agitated. It’s very important to remember who is using the technology and make them a part of checkout optimization. 

Therefore training your staff to make the checkout process fast and easy for customers is very important. Through training on how to use the tools especially in the case of mobile payment needs to be incorporated. Furthermore, When you are using POS, ensure that you tend to know the peak hours of your business. Plan your staff according to this so that the rush hours are managed with utmost ease. 


It is very surprising to see that a high number of online shoppers or customers abandon their carts on the checkout page. Thereby by following the above-mentioned strategies and tips you would be able to ring up sales efficiently.

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