WP Paint Pro Setup

To customize the plugin go to the WordPress Dashboard > WP Paint Pro or You can access this Settings page while using the plugin, go to Tools menu > WP Paint Pro Settings.

General Settings

  • Here you can customize, In the Editor Theme between Dark or Light
  • Choose Canvas Size of editor in pixels, enter the Max Canvas Width and Max Canvas Height
  • Pixabay API Key to search images directly from Pixabay in the plugin. To get the API key you must need to have a Pixabay account.

WP Paint Pro Settings - General


  • In the Watermark page, you can upload your image that you want to use as a watermark on images that you are going to edit.
  • Customize the position of the watermark image, you can choose from a number of different areas or you can pick a random option.
  • Horizontal Spacing of the Watermark from the position selected in %
  • Vertical spacing of the Watermark from the position selected in %
  • Opacity of the Watermark in %
  • Size of the Watermark in % of the dimensions of the image
  • Choose the layer composition for the Watermark layer

WP Paint Pro - Watermark Setting

Stickers Library

In the Stickers section, you can upload as many stickers as you want to use on your images.

WP Paint Pro Settings - Stickers Library


Add your plugin’s License key to active it. Here you can learn how to purchase and activate ZetaMatic pro plugins.

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