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How to Dynamically Charge Extra Fee in your WooCommerce Store?

How to Dynamically Charge Extra Fee in your WooCommerce Store?

In this article, we are going to learn how to Dynamically charge Extra Fee in your WooCommerce Store?

As you may already know that the WooCommerce store has a built-in feature to add Extra Fees to your products in order to earn extra money from your customers.

This is a very useful feature that helps you to get the advantage of additional revenue from the fees you can dynamically charge from your customers according to their purchase price.

Why is this important for your store

If you have multiple items or categories with different item prices. It’s nice if those prices appear automatically based on how many are purchased.

By using a variable product, and variations (you can’t use variations with normal products). We can make sure that our inventory levels match what we’re charging.

This lets you dynamically adjust the price depending on the quantity ordered and what category it’s being added to.

Using a variable product lets us charge extra for more than one item of something.

For instance, If you sell chairs and offer different types of chairs. I could choose a variable product so that people will get notified about availability for each type of chair individually. As well as total availability for all chairs when they place their order.

Why Dynamic Pricing is Important for WooCommerce Stores

Suppose that you are running a fashion e-commerce store and you want to sell dresses of different price ranges. However, you can’t do it using simple WooCommerce pricing rules because all of your products come from different suppliers and each product has its own unique characteristics.

The solution is dynamic pricing which allows creating flexible pricing rules for each product (for example, dress with size S costs X dollars, dress with size M costs Y dollars).

This approach can be successfully used if you run an online store for selling handmade goods made by local artisans because their products are different as well.

Dynamic pricing saves time and allows saving money because you don’t need to manually create complex pricing rules.

Adding Extra Fee At Checkout

In a situation where you want to charge an extra fee before making any sales. Then you can do so by using Variable Product. You can charge an extra fee based on the variations of products.

For example, if you want to sell two types of shoes at different prices. Then you can make use of the variable products. If a customer buys a product from my store with one price. Then it will be displayed as per normal. But if a customer decides on another color and chooses the buy button, then he/she will be charged according to that variation.

Charging Extra Fees Before Product List

Product pricing is a big concern for many e-commerce business owners, particularly as margins are decreasing across most industries.

Many entrepreneurs get around that by offering dynamic pricing solutions. While such solutions can help small businesses charge more accurately for their goods. They can also help reduce accounting errors and inconsistencies.

One issue with any system that relies on databases is keeping track of information and tracking changes between various programs.

For example, when manually entering data into an inventory management system (such as QuickBooks). It’s easy to forget whether you’ve already added an item or how much you sold it for last time.

That causes errors when reconciling your inventory – especially if different employees enter information independently and at different times of the day.

How to dynamically charge an extra fee in WooCommerce?

With default WooCommerce, there are no options to dynamically charge an extra fee for products.

  • So we will use the Extra Fees Plugin for WooCommerce to demonstrate this.
  • Begin by downloading this plugin, followed by its installation and activation.
  • Access the settings from the WordPress admin pane.
  • Click on the button which has displayed Add Product Fees to configure a new fee.
  • Set this then followed by it you can set up conditions for the same.

You can specify a parameter, a condition, and then add the corresponding value.

Implementing Dynamic Amount Based on Selected Options at Check

In simple terms, dynamic pricing helps you charge more when demand is high and less when it’s low. It can help increase your revenue, reduce discounts. And make sure that you always get full price for all of your products.

You can do it on an ad-hoc basis or use pricing rules to automatically adjust prices based on changes like inventory levels, current stock market data, or even external factors like weather.

The key is keeping an eye on current market conditions. And adjust as needed so that you never sell something for a loss.

1. WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin

If you’re an online retailer or an e-commerce owner, you probably have some sort of checkout process. If so, then you might also have seen that some people are not really interested in your offering. And they don’t bother going to your checkout process because they don’t want to pay anything more than what is advertised.

Fortunately, there is a solution to that: Dynamic pricing. This can be achieved through the WooCommerce Extra Fees plugin. WooCommerce Extra Fees plugin allows you to set up additional fees if certain conditions are met.

2. Extra Fees for WooCommerce

This plugin helps in increasing the average order value in your store and increases store revenue as well. With this plugin, you can set up additional fees which would be visible on product, cart, and checkout pages.

3. WooCommerce Advanced Extra Fees

If you want to charge extra fees depending on what type of product someone is purchasing. Try out WooCommerce Advanced Extra Fees. This plugin allows you to charge additional fees. But it also allows you to base these charges on product types, categories, and even by custom fields.

On top of that, it includes filters so that users can see their full cart total before they check out. Of course, all fees are configurable as well.


Now you can dynamically charge an extra fee when adding products and customers will be able to see that. This is useful for sites such as coupon deals, etc. where you have a specific number of products that need to be purchased before a certain limit, after which more charges are applied.

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