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Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Nulled WordPress Plugins And Themes

Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Nulled WordPress Plugins And Themes

Do you have any queries regarding nulled WordPress plugins and themes? Do you feel is it safe to use them or not?

If you are serious and concerned about your website then we would explain In this article to you why you must avoid nulled WordPress themes and plugins. 

What are nulled WordPress plugins and themes?

nulled WordPress plugins and themes

A nulled plugin is a modified version of a paid premium plugin that provides some level of premium functionality without the need for a license.

Since the majority of WordPress plugins and themes are open sources, thereby making it accessible to everyone and anyone. Some developers remove the license requirements from the themes and plugins making it to be available for you but in a pirated version.

What happens when this is used by you, there is a loss of money along with making your website to be very insecure and most of the time this becomes the reason for your website to be hacked up easily. 

Is it safe to install a nulled plugin or theme on a WordPress site?

Most of the nulled plugins or themes on WordPress sites contain a lot of malware that is used to distribute SEO spam, perform attacks on other websites, steal sensitive information, and so on. They take control of your website and might eventually lead to hacking up of your website.

Furthermore, if you install and download a nulled plugin on your website then you happen to agree to let them modify your site whenever they want. Always keep in mind that they are pirated versions of the premium version.

Reasons why you should stop using nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes?

nulled WordPress plugins and themes

1. Safety and security: 

WordPress plugins and themes that have been cracked are extremely dangerous to WordPress security. They are known to carry malware. Further, they come with modified codes that harm the websites to a large extent. This could lead further to a disastrous situation with your site being hacked and in due course of time, you could also lose your website’s data. 

The majority of WordPress themes and plugins are distributed under GPL licenses. The GPL (General Public License) allows anyone to freely distribute GPL licensed products.

Many WordPress themes and plugins are open sources but some are mixed as well. If the code is not under GPL license then it simply means that you are using it without permission which would lead to legal issues.

3. Privacy

Another reason that you should avoid using nulled WordPress plugins and themes is privacy. The hackers want the user information, such as name, address, contact numbers, details of credit card, and so on. As soon as the nulled plugin is activated on the website, it will steal all the information and send it to its server. They get unnoticed and in seconds your website gets hacked. 

4. Web Hosting

The malicious code would activate the firewalls and antivirus technologies used by web hosting companies, quarantining the nulled plugin and rendering it useless.

5. Bad for SEO

Search engines will be able to detect SEO spam and will block the domain from appearing in search results. It is found that pirated WordPress themes and plugins can demolish your WordPress SEO totally. 

6. No updates

Nulled WordPress Themes and plugins do not come with any kind of updates. 

If you wish to get the updated theme and plugin then you need to buy the latest version of nulled theme and plugin or you don’t have any option other than using the outdated themes and plugins.

7. No access to new features

Unless you update the theme or plugin, you will be unaware of the new feature. If you are using a pirated WordPress product, then you cannot get automatic updates, hence you would have no access to the new features. 

8. Support & Documentation 

Without any valid license, you don’t have the option of contacting anyone who would be guiding you or supporting you in the process. Therefore if your website breaks or any functions do not work, then you have no one to contact. 

9. Free alternative:

The reason that made WordPress so popular is the availability of free resources. You do not need to get nulled plugins and themes when free alternatives are so easily available out there for you. So, stop wasting your time on any nulled WordPress themes and plugins. 

10. Unethical use demoralizes creativity

By using nulled software, you are taking away money from developers who have lots of skill and talent and have worked very hard to give you such results. using nulled software hurts their business, and they end up losing money. Thereby it would discourage and dishearten them a lot if you happen to use nulled plugins and themes. 

Benefits of using Genuine Plugins: 

  • No hacking of your website
  • Would lead to safety and security 
  • There is no pressure of legal issues and aspects to be considered
  • There is always a presence of constant support and customer service available that is you know whom to contact if something wrong happens with your website


Thereby in this article, we have listed various reasons as to why you should avoid using nulled WordPress plugins and themes. Feel free to give us any suggestions or comments. Follow us on our social media and stay updated.

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