Q. Is this plugin compatible with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce?

Ans. Yes, the Reminder For MailChimp Newsletter Discount plugin has been tested in conjunction with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce plugins. We are constantly testing it with the plugins to ensure that it is compatible.

Q. Where might this plugin fit in?

Ans. This plugin is ideal for WooCommerce stores that want to notify customers about pending discount coupons and their expiration dates.

Q. Can I send users customized reminder emails?

Ans. Yes, the reminder email message, subject text, email name, and email address can all be easily customized

Q. How can I limit the reminder emails count?

Ans. You can change the number of reminder emails you want to send per coupon in the Schedule Reminders section.

Q. Reminder emails are not coming through?

Ans. Make sure to check the Enable Mailchimp Newsletter Discount and Enable Mailchimp Newsletter Discount Reminder options. Also, see when the next reminder is scheduled.

Q. I really love your plugin, and I want to support it!

Ans. You can help us by providing your valuable feedback! Please rate it and review the plugin.

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