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  • September 12, 2019
  • October 19, 2021
  • WordPress 5.8.1
  • 7+
  • 0.5.0
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WP Paint – WordPress Image Editor is a browser based HTML5 Image Editor for WordPress media images. It has an intuitive interface resembling most common Desktop based Photo Editors with an extensive array of Image Editing, Photo Manipulation and Photo Editing Features.


Image effects

Enhance your photos using Image Effects. Make your good photos great with Image Tuning, Filters and Effects. More to be added.

Tools Panel

Find all the essential image editing tools you need to quickly edit your images online! You can crop, resize, add shapes and texts, erase and even more


You have made some changes that you didn’t like, With this option you can go back to your previously saved image and start editing.

Gradient Tool

Apply Gradient colors to your images and make it more attractive and colourful.

Clone Tool

This tool is used to copy regions of pixels from one location to another. The source and destination can be on the same layer or different layers within the same image

Color Corrections

Apply Gradient colors to your images and make it more attractive and colourful.

Clone Tool

Add cool stickers to your image and make your images look more interesting and attractive.
You can add your own stickers too


You can add a Watermark to your pictures and keep these safe from copying.


With Layers you can make every edit easy to reverse, by edits on separate layers.

Lossless Photo

WP Paint Pro provides the tools needed for high quality image manipulation. From retouching to restoring creative composites, the only limit is your imagination

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  • License entitles 1 year of support & updates.
  • Extended support available at 20% discount.

Important Questions

What is the purpose of a WordPress image editor?

Zetamatic’s WP Paint, WordPress image editor plugin provides the best image editing experience available in WordPress. You will get incredible features for a simple and quick image editing experience. It is an excellent tool for resizing, cropping, and making other changes to your images. Furthermore, having the best images on your website is one of the primary benefits. Because people are more likely to notice images before they notice other content. As a result, it is critical to include high-quality images on your website. And this is where you can put our image editor to good use. You can also manipulate the images to your liking. We provide a variety of image editing tools that are simple to use. So, use our image editor to make your website look stunning.   

How are our WordPress image plugins useful for your website?

Image editor plugins are fantastic for saving time when editing images. As a result, Zetamatic provides one of the best and fastest WordPress image plugins for image editing. Furthermore, it is a small plugin. It also includes useful tools and features. This plugin has a fantastic and user-friendly interface. In addition to cropping, rotating, and flipping your images, you can use layers in this plugin to better manage and edit your images. If you are a blogger or an eCommerce owner, this plugin can improve your editing experience. Because every good website necessitates high-quality and authentic images in order to attract visitors. This plugin will improve the performance and appearance of your website. Furthermore, there will be no loss in image quality. As a result, using Zetamatic image plugins, you can make your images stand out and capture the attention of your audience. 

What’s all included in the WordPress photo gallery plugin?

To edit images on your website, the best option is to use a WordPress photo editor. You can also make your website stand out by using our WordPress photo plugin. It includes a number of features that you can use on your website, including Basic Image Editing Tools, Various Effects such as blur and gradient, Watermark, Clone Tool, Stickers, Layers, and the ability to search for images in the Pixabay library and insert those images into your current image. This plugin includes a plethora of useful features and customization options. It is also simple to use and has a simple interface. As a result, editing and manipulating images becomes much easier. Furthermore, this plugin has an easy-to-use interface with well-organized tools and menus that will provide you with a professional editing experience. As a result, we provide a variety of options with our plugin. Zetamatic has the best and most up-to-date photo plugin.

 Why choose Zetamatic WordPress image editor?

You will need powerful editing software if you want to edit images or design a logo for your website. And one with the appropriate features. Thus, Zetamatic’s WP Paint plugin provides the best WordPress image editor useful for improving the appearance of your website. In addition, we provide a user-friendly interface with built-in templates for editing your images. We offer the best photo editing plugins to help you showcase your work in an effective manner. As a result, you can easily edit your images and manage layers. Our plugins are lightweight and load quickly. Thus, Zetamatic can be an excellent choice for quick and skilled image editing.


  • The simplest and most powerful WordPress image editor

    The simplest and most powerful WordPress image editor

  • The WP Paint Pro is exactly what I was looking for

    The WP Paint Pro is exactly what I was looking for; the layers and revision features are my favourite features. I’m really enjoying the plugin, and it’s well worth the money.

  • I recommend this

    I think the best way to describe this plugin is that it’s like using photoshop, but on wordpress. It’s got some great features that I couldn’t find anywhere else and it’s easy to use and friendly to beginners. I recommend this to any blogger or site owner that wants to take their images to the next level.

  • It has so many features, and it's easy to use

    I was looking for an image editor to use on my wordpress website, and this is just the one I was looking for. It has so many features, and it’s easy to use. I use it for editing my images before I put them onto my website, and it’s making my life so much easier. It’s also a great investment for my business!

  • I found this and I'm happy I did

    I was looking for a WordPress image editor because the ones I was using before weren’t cutting it, they weren’t easy to use and they weren’t user-friendly. I needed one that was so I found this and I’m happy I did. WP Paint Pro is super easy to use and it comes with all the features you’d expect from an image editor. I highly recommend it.

  • I had no problems learning how to use it.

    I like how easy it is to edit my images and I love the effects and filters. The user interface is very simple. I had no problems learning how to use it.

  • the pro version is much better than the free version

    the pro version is much better than the free version, you get a ton more features, the interface is even better, and it’s easy to use and install. This is a great image editor for wordpress, it’s easy to install, and it’s easy to use.

  • The pro version is easy to install and comes with all the features

    I have been looking for a user-friendly and robust image editor for wordpress for a long time and I was about to give up when I came across this plugin. The pro version is easy to install and comes with all the features that you would need to enhance your wordpress website’s images. The one thing I really appreciate about WP Paint Pro is that it lets me edit and alter images from the wordpress dashboard itself, so I don’t have to rely on the design team to do image editing.

  • I recommend this plugin to anyone

    I’ve tried a number of WordPress plugins but this one is by far the best! It is so easy to use and the stickers are great. I recommend this plugin to anyone who has to edit their WordPress images.

  • image editing is a breeze

    As a blogger, I can attest that this is an excellent plugin. It works flawlessly, and image editing is a breeze with it.

  • I'm very much impressed with the features it provides

    I’m using this plugin in my website. I’m very much impressed with the features it provides. I’m using the free version, but the features it provides are enough for my needs. I can edit my images in my own way according to the needs of my customers. I’m very much impressed with its features.

  • I'm very impressed with this plugin!

    I’m very impressed with this plugin! I love how easy it is to edit and save my photos for use on blog posts, product pages and social media. The developers have done a great job!

  • I stumbled upon this and I'm so glad I did

    I’ve been looking for a good image editing tool and simple to install. I stumbled upon this and I’m so glad I did. This tool is a great addition to anyone’s WordPress website. I’m a designer and a developer and it’s a great tool to use for my clients to do the basics right. Thanks to the developer for making this.

  • Excellent plugin!

    Excellent plugin! The WP Paint Pro accomplishes its purpose. I am very pleased with my purchase.

  • Very helpful in optimizing your social media images!

    Very helpful in optimizing your social media images! This plugin assisted me in optimizing my images for use on social media. Excellent work!

  • it is one of the best investments I've made

    I’ve been using WP Paint Pro for a month now and I can confidently say that it is one of the best investments I’ve made. I can simply make photos, modify them, and publish them on my blogs or social media. The image editor is entertaining. Thank you for making this.

  • Truly impressive

    I upgraded after trying the free plugin, and I can say that it’s a good value upgrade and a good replacement for desktop image editors. The plugin’s features have pleasantly surprised me; they are truly impressive.

  • WP Paint Pro is a fantastic plugin.

    I was looking for something similar like this. I’m delighted I discovered it through WordPress and subsequently purchased the pro version. Guys, this has awesome features; it’s like a small Photoshop. That’s incredible.

  • I personally love the WP Paint Pro plugin

    I personally love the WP Paint Pro plugin, as a designer. It greatly simplifies the time consuming and complicated tasks of editing images. It includes a variety of tools for image editing, photo manipulation, effects and other editing features. In my opinion, what makes it the best is its simple user interface. It is an all in one image editor. Using this, I no longer need to switch between different softwares or applications before uploading images. Just one WP Paint Pro – WordPress image editor is enough and contains all that is required for any possible editing of all images. I would strongly recommend this excellent ZetaMatic’s WP Paint Pro for image editing.

  • ZetaMatic's WP Paint Pro is one of the fastest image editors.

    This image editor is very useful specifically for editing WordPress library images. And it makes editing pictures on wordpress so much simpler. It indeed has one of the most powerful tools for image editing. Using those tools correctly does wonders to any basic image, making it much more appealing to the eye. My team and I have been using ZetaMatic’s WP Paint Pro for all image editing work and are greatly satisfied with it. I would strongly recommend ZetaMatic’s WP Paint Pro to all creators and editors.

  • The Powerful WordPress Image Editor plugin has made editing much simpler

    As a website owner, I regularly had to upload content on my website using WordPress, and it necessarily needs to have images in order to make the content more attractive to the readers. But I have always struggled with finding the right image and precisely editing those images. As a startup, hiring a professional image editor was not an option for me, and while browsing through different image editing softwares and applications, I came across ZetaMatic’s WP Paint Pro. Honestly, using these powerful wordpress image plugins has made editing all images for my website much simpler. Even when I can afford to hire a professional image editor, I prefer to do this simple task by myself. Thanks to ZetaMatic WP Paint Pro.

  • Extremely useful for editing images for my website

    I have been using the ZetaMatic – WP Paint Pro for over a year now. Initially, I purchased a one-year subscription, and it turned out to be extremely useful for editing images for my website. It makes editing images so much simpler. The wordpress image editor plugin and its recent update works in an imposing manner. I recently extended my subscription plan to another year and received a discount for doing so. Not only does the image editor work great, but the ZetaMatic technical support is also very helpful. I am 100% satisfied using this and will definitely be their customer for a long time.

  • I am extremely satisfied using ZetaMatic's wordpress image editor plugin

    Before buying the ZetaMatic’s WP Paint subscription, I was highly cautious. I was not sure whether spending this on image editing would be worth it, but I must say that I am extremely satisfied using ZetaMatic’s wordpress image editor. It made editing images hassle free and levelled out all the complications involved in the task. It is an all in one image editor in which I can simply perform all of the tasks required for perfect image editing. As a creator, I would strongly recommend ZetaMatic’s WP Paint Pro.

  • One of the most powerful image editors I have ever used

    Undoubtedly, the ZetaMatic WP Paint Pro is one of the most potent image editors I have used. Its various tools are incredibly beneficial. As a beginner in image editing, the revision tool is the one I use the most amongst all other tools. It allows me an option to go back step by step from the changes that I have made. The wordpress photo editor plugin is extremely simple to use and are very helpful in editing images for WordPress content. I am highly impressed with its new update and advanced photo editing tools.

  • Excellent picture editor plugin

    Excellent picture editor plugin, It works perfectly fine and has exceeded my expectations. I’m very pleased with it.

  • Best option for my needs

    Best option for my needs, the plugin is great for image editing, I have an e-commerce website, and I’ve been using it for a year. This plugin’s watermarks and drag-and-drop image features are appealing to me. Additionally, the ability to add additional text is very useful.

  • This is a fantastic WordPress Image Editor plugin

    This is a fantastic WordPress Image Editor plugin that I use a lot for image editing and in my WooCommerce product images. Excellent feature sets. Very helpful.

  • This is an excellent plugin!

    Finally, a genuine image editor for WordPress. I’ve struggled numerous times to make changes to my product images, such as adding text and feature icons. It was very simple and works perfectly thanks to WP Paint. Impressed.

  • It's simply the best

    I’ve never used a better WordPress Image Editor plugin. It’s simply the best; there’s so much to like about it. It is one of the best because of the interface, features, and tool options.

  • Simply the best image editor plugin

    I’m using this plugin to edit images in WordPress, and it’s the best option right now. Simply the best. It’s simple to use, has a ton of features. Loving this.

  • Works great!

    A fantastic little plugin that is simple to use and customize images.

  • SUPERB Image Editing Plugin with the BEST Support!

    The possibilities for editing images and adding effects are endless with this plugin.

    There is no other plugin that compares to WP Paint Pro in terms of features and flexibility. I can also quickly edit images on my smartphone.

    The BEST part, is the support! I wish every WordPress Plugin provided this level of assistance.

  • What I love is the customer support.

    What I love is the customer support. I have encountered some issues and have always had a great experience with customer support.

  • You will be able to do amazing things with the this plugin

    You will be able to do amazing things with the free version of the plugin, in my opinion. However, the pro version obviously provides more, and the additional support from the team is excellent.

  • WP Paint Pro is an incredibly useful plugin for image editing

    WP Paint Pro is an incredibly useful plugin for image editing and design, and it is clear that ZetaMatic put a lot of effort into it. There are numerous benefits to using WP Paint Pro. WP Paint Pro is what I use to design banners and do basic image editing on WordPress.

  • Simple to use and Effective

    It’s simple to use, and the plugin has a lot of useful features for my day-to-day image editing activities.

  • The setup is simple and quick.

    The setup is simple and quick. I like the idea of taking WordPress’s image editing to the next level.

  • Fantastic Editor

    This is a fantastic image editor plugin with a fantastic set of tools that is extremely useful. My favorite tools are the watermark and clone tools and The user interface is intuitive.

  • Thanks for creating this

    Thanks for creating this, makes editing easier on WordPress.

  • I like to use the WP Paint Pro plugin

    I like to use the WP Paint Pro plugin because it saves me a lot of time. It offers many features that are useful for day-to-day editing purposes. I do not need to use Photoshop or any other tool for editing purposes.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use and comes with all the features I needed.

  • Well designed plugin with great support

    It is a very well designed plugin with great responce in solving problems. They have annswered quicly and in no time solved my issues.

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